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Ascending to Champion


One option available to all Citizens is to ascend to Champion status and enter the Hall of Champions#

  • A Champion has declared a platform and has been verified by their peers.

  • Once you ascend to Champion, you are granted a public profile on the PublicHAUS website.

  • Any Citizen can Sponsor a Champion by delegating their PUB. This gives the Champion increased influence on the direction of the DAOhaus protocol.

To become a Champion follow these steps#

  1. Navigate to

  2. Fill Out the Verify Champion Form by providing your Champion Name, Champion Platform and a link to a resource.

    • Tip: Include anything that would be helpful to Citizens who may want to delegate votes to you.
  3. Click "Submit", verify your transaction and wait for the DAO to vote.

Your proposal is now live and will be reviewed by the DAO membership.#