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Hello and Welcome!#

Thank you for finding your way to the PublicHAUS docs.#

These docs are always a WIP, feel free to edit and make pull requests to fix or update content

What is PublicHAUS?#

PublicHAUS is the governing framework of the DAOhaus ecosystem and protocol.

Who is PublicHAUS?#

All DAOhaus contributors, supporters and enthusiasts are welcome to join PublicHAUS.

The Goal is to Build our HAUS#

  • We use decentralized digital coordination aided by Moloch DAO contracts and the DAOhaus SDK.
  • We work together to manage this framework so we can all move toward a decentralized, autonomous future.

High Level Framework Goals#

  • Continued Decentralization of the DAOhaus Protocol by decreasing the central points of failure - increasing resiliency and diversity.
  • More autonomy of the individual through collective curation of strategic objectives that empower tactical execution
  • Reduce Complexity of governance and operational overhead
  • Build and Use Decentralized Governance Tools and involve the HAUS holder in future direction of the protocol

Time to slay Moloch together!#