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Becoming a Citizen


Your journey with PublicHAUS begins by becoming a Citizen#

All citizens have 2 things in common:

  1. They've read and agreed in principle to the DAOhaus Manifesto.
  2. They've staked HAUS into the PublicHAUS governance protocol and received PUB.

To become a Citizen, follow these steps:#

  1. Acquire HAUS.

    • If you don't have any or don't know how, head over to the DAOhaus Discord and ask about ways to earn or purchase HAUS!
  2. Navigate to

  3. Authorize PublicHAUS to stake HAUS on your behalf.

    • Click the "Approve HAUS" button and confirm the transaction. This will require you to pay a gas fee.
  4. Specify how much HAUS you'd like to stake

    • check the box indicating you've read the manifesto
    • click "Stake HAUS"

Congratulations, you're now a PublicHAUS Citizen and ready to help direct the future of the DAOhaus Protocol!#