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The HAUS token represents the community of people that are working together to bring a better future with digital decentralized and autonomous organizations. It aligns all DAOs and all people building, experimenting and using the DAOhaus protocol and suite of opensource tools and smart contracts.

The HAUS token’s primary utility is around governance and signaling; deciding the future of the protocol and community's purpose.

The HAUS token is permissionlessly available on multiple chains. Check your favorite DEX agregator.

As we create more value together, that value flows back to the HAUS token, shared by all communities on the platform


To receive governance and signaling rights it requires staking HAUS for PUB in PublicHAUS.

How can I get HAUS?#

Still the best way to get HAUS is to add value to the community and get rewarded in the retroactive signaling rounds.

What can I do with HAUS and PublicHAUS PUB?#


The HAUS token is a standard erc20 token, it’s freely transferable and compostable, you can participate as an LP, a holder or a staker. It’s primary governance use is to stake into PublicHAUS to receive power and voice in the DAO with PUB.

  • Standard erc20
  • Supply: Fixed 1M
  • Transferable: true
  • Mainnet Ethereum: 0xf2051511B9b121394FA75B8F7d4E7424337af687 block explorer
  • Gnosis Chain: 0xb0C5f3100A4d9d9532a4CfD68c55F1AE8da987Eb block explorer


The PUB token and PublicHAUS DAO has direct control over the protocol, factories and contracts including any upgrades or parameter changes.

  • Ownership and management responsibilities of the treasury at eco.daohaus.eth
  • Direct execution from the DAO along with ownership of the DAO configuration and parameters through proposals.
  • Delegation of execution power to others.
  • Voting in and curation of delegated DAO Champions.
  • Signaling and other participation in DAO through meta governance


  • Moloch V3 DAO Shares/Loot
  • Supply: continuous by amount HAUS staked, managed by PublicHAUS
  • Transferable: false, managed by PublicHAUS
  • Mainnet DAO

ENS: eco.daohaus.eth This is our maintenance fund (Safe) on most chains you can point the safe app to 0x4A9a27d614a74Ee5524909cA27bdBcBB7eD3b315 on

  • Mainnet
  • Arbitrum
  • Polygon
  • Gnosis Chain