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In an attempt to foster participation of all members of the DAO we have introduced the idea of meta-governance. This is through the separation and distinction of the roles of active members of the DAO.

The 2 primary roles in the DAO are Champions and the general populace.


see more about Delegation and Championship here

Citizen of Greater DAO Populace#

see more about Delegation and CHampionship here


Meta-governance is about experimentation, flexibility and more participation. The initial mechanics we will be testing with is in setting highlevel objectives and conversely in recognizing accomplishments through retroactive rewards. There are many other potential meta-governance exercises we can experiment with and the processes will iterate over time

Read more about meta-governance in the Rage report here

High Level Objectives and Strategic Signaling Session#

Members submit DAO level objectives and key results. Objective title is submitted on chain with supplemental KR data linked to in a forum. Members can allocate or reallocate points through the timeboxed window. At the end of the event the top three objectives are marked as the highest priorities for the DAO in the current season, and their execution results should be taken into account by participating members in the retroactive rewards event.

Retroactive Rewards Event#

Members submit nominations. Any person or team can be nominated for a reward, including Champions. All general members can then signal with their points (on chain snapshot of loot and shares at the start of the event). Champions, although they do not have a larger stake than any other member in signaling events, have the added responsibility of vouching for a nomination. The top nominations, after the timeboxed event, will be rewarded up to 3% of the uncirculating supply of the token, split between winners by percent total points allocated. This rewards winners with more governance power to delegate to themselves or to someone else.

PublicHAUS Signaling Dapp#

See the past and current events in the signaling app here