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Participate in Strategic Signalling Sessions


As a Citizen you can throw the weight of your PUB behind High Level Objectives (HILOs).#

  • HILOs can be created and added by Citizens during Strategic Signaling Sessions. Strategic Signaling Sessions happen every 3 months and last 2 weeks.

  • During a Strategic Signaling session, simply fill out the HILO template form and submit it.

  • The HILO will be added to the Strategy Board where Citizens and Champions can signal with their PUB if they believe the HILO should be pursued.

To Create a HILO follow these steps:#

  1. Navigate to the PublicHAUS HILO Signals page

  2. Choose an active Strategic Signalling Session from the list

  3. Click the Add Choice button at the top of the list and fill out the Create Objective form.


Congrats, you've added a High Level Objective!#

To Signal on an existing HILO, follow these steps:#

  1. Claim your shares by pressing the Claim Button in the top right.

    • This gives you a balance of "PUB Points" equal to your current PUB Balance.
    • These PUB Points can be used to vote on this signaling eventquickstart-summon
  2. Allocate your PUB Points to the various HILO by typing values into the appropriate fields.

  3. Finalize and Authorize the transaction

Tip: Make sure you are confident in your allocations before you authorize the transaction. You can change your allocations, but you'll have to pay gas again.

Congrats, you've helped decide PublicHAUS' direction for the next quarter!#